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Michael Mondavi


The Mondavi family wine history began with Cesare Mondavi, an Italian immigrant who established a grape growing business in California during Prohibition. For four generations, the Mondavi family has crafted world-class wines in the Napa Valley, helping establishing California as the premier wine-growing region it is today. In 1999, Michael Mondavi, together with his wife Isabel, his son Rob Jr., and his daughter Dina, purchased an incredibly wild piece of land in Atlas Peak and planted the Animo vineyard, which gave birth to the Michael Mondavi Family Estate. Today, the estate comprised of Animo and Oso Vineyards, two distinct sites with unique conditions and terroirs. The goal of the Mondavi Family is to create family-owned, heritage driven portfolio of small production, artisanal wines.






Two men, one vision: Julio Bouchon from Chile; David Nieuwoudt from South Africa, a common project: Longaví. The brand, funded in 2012, draws the spirit and the legends of two different continents, unified by winemaking tradition and friendship. Julio Bouchon is the producer; David, owner of one of South Africa’s most prestigious wineries, is the winemaker. Together, they pursue their goal to reflect the deep diversity of Chilean wines with freshness and personality . The vineyards are cultivated following the organic standards while respecting the natural ecosystem, the soil fertility and the vigor of the vines, which in most cases are between 80 and 120 years old: an amazing legacy that Chile can show off to the world.





Cølibrì was created to respond to the needs of consumers that are drinking less alcohol and are looking for different options without compromising on flavor and style. The brand offers a valuable alternative that provides consumers the freedom to choose high-quality wines without alcohol. The wines are produced in collaboration with an innovative premium estate located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, an extremely diverse region in the northeast of Italy between the Alps and the Adriatic, bordering Austria and Slovenia. Cølibrì wines are crafted from top quality grapes that embody the local terroir and reflect the tradition of the territory. To make sure that the wines preserve their natural character and aromas, the dealcoholization process is carried out with membrane technique. This gentle method of dealcoholization ensures respect for the color and structure of the wine, as well as an highly-precise end result which doesn't require any oxygen enrichment nor filtration.