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November 2019



Portrait of Angel Fernández de Soto (1903) – Pablo Picasso

We selected this oil painting from the blue period of Picasso, portraying his friend Angel Fernàndez while he smokes and drinks a glass of Absinthe in a dark bar. The bright blue color, the leisure, the enjoyment behind drinking made us think of a pure German Kabinett.




2015 Schloss Reichartshausen Riesling Kabinett >>monopole vineyard<<

The vineyards bearing the appellation Schloss Reichartshausen, listed in the vineyard register as an independent district, have been solely owned by Balthasar Ress since the 1970s. From the early 12th century to the early 19th century it belonged to Kloster Eberbach and was one of the monastery’s important outlying properties. In carrying on the great tradition of Kloster Eberbach, Balthasar Ress cultivates only Riesling vines here. The sandy soils bring forth very racy wines with a pronounced acidity. The vineyards are relatively flat; some lie adjacent to the Rhine. Fruity, fresh, thrilling!