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September 2019



ALOrange, Red, Yellow (1961) – Mark Rothko

We choose to share with you this famous painting from Mark Rothko, who's considered a pioneer of Color Field Painting, a style within Abstract Expressionism, in which color is the main subject itself.  Isn't Fall a play of colors? We look at the vineyards, the vine leaves show off themselves through different color shades, constantly changing before its inevitable fall. It's this magical time of the year where we consciously experience the becoming.




121 b.C. Vespaiolo - Vignaioli Contrà Soarda, Italy

Skin macerated Orange Wine produced out of 100% Vespaiola grape, a local grape variety from the Breganze DOC in Veneto region. Produced through spontaneous fermentation, without temperature control and without sulfites added, in an untoasted Austrian Oak barrique from Stockinger Tonellerie, which allows the wine to stabilize naturally without the usage of any additives and without influencing the fresh style of the wine with wooden notes nor spices.

121 b.C. vespaiolo.jpg
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